Saturday, February 26, 2011

Carmel W Sanders - Macon, GA Attorney - A Real Piece of Work

What a piece of work this ambulance chaser is. This is a prime example of how judges and lawyers work together to protect each other's interests while screwing the rest of us.

Carmel Sanders sure seems hell bent on making others "pay" for the crimes she deems they have committed while she skates on the actual ones she commits.

But then that is no big surprise, is it?

Lawyer chooses not to fight, pleads no contestSanders accepts misdemeanor punishment to spare her children, career.

Her position was clear -- she did not commit the crime charged but chose not to contest her guilt to protect her children and law practice.

Carmel Sanders, a domestic-relations lawyer, exchanged her role as lawyer for that of criminal defendant Monday, testifying she would not contest the misdemeanor charge of simple battery. She accepted a 12-month sentence -- suspended upon the completion of 50 hours of community service with Georgia Legal Services, payment of a $250 fine and completion of an anger-management course.

"It is very difficult to stand here today and plead (no contest) to a crime I did not commit," Sanders, 43, told Chatham County Superior Court Judge James Bass Jr.

What happened

Attorney Carmel W. Sanders pleaded no contest -- under a plea that allowed her to maintain she was not guilty but pleading in her best interest -- to a single simple-battery charge that she struck her ex-husband with her car April 8, 1999.

Her sentence: 12 months suspended, a $250 fine, 50 hours of community service with Georgia Legal Services and completion of an anger-management program.

In return, Special Prosecutor John Johnson III dropped misdemeanor charges of battery, reckless conduct, two counts of cruelty to children and felony charges of two counts of cruelty to children and aggravated assault.

The charge stemmed from a domestic incident April 8 at the home of her ex-husband, James Thomas Sanders, 44, of 8 Mistletoe Court. Prosecutors charged she backed her car over Sanders, injuring him.

Bass accepted the negotiated plea over the objections of the victim, who told the court a plea to simple battery "will not give me any protection if she comes back again."

He asked Bass not to accept the plea, calling it a "travesty of justice."

According to Sanders, his ex-wife intentionally ran him over with her car, rolling him under it and causing him serious injury -- including his back and knee -- which will require $20,000 in surgery to repair. She then slammed his hand in her car door and fled the scene, Sanders said.

In return for the plea, Special Prosecutor John Johnson III agreed to dismiss the remaining seven charges in the indictment -- including three felony counts.
Removal of the felony charges was important because a conviction on any one could have cost Ms. Sanders her license.
"This will have no effect on her law practice," defense attorney Steven Scheer told Bass.

Johnson, chief assistant district attorney in the Brunswick Circuit working out of Jesup, was named special prosecutor after District Attorney Spencer Lawton Jr. disqualified himself because Ms. Sanders is a former assistant in his office.

Court records showed that Ms. Sanders, who lives on the 1700 block of Montgomery Cross Road, went to her ex-husband's house to get her two elementary school-aged children and the pair began to argue. The indictment states that both children were present and witnessed the alleged attack. The cruelty to children charges stem from their presence during the alleged attack.

Their 20-year marriage ended in August 1997, but such issues as custody and at least four contempt-of-court citations against James Sanders remained under court seal from public inspection.

In her statement to the court, Ms. Sanders said could not fight the charges and let her two children to be called to testify in a court battle. "I cannot allow that to happen," Ms. Sanders said.

She told Bass she remained in the marriage "as long as it was in the best interest of my children. When the marriage ceased to be in their best interest, I filed for divorce."

She said her ex-husband was determined to ruin her. Sanders "is so intent on destroying me (that) he does not care if he destroyed the children in the process," she said.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Good Christian Friend Offers Advice

Melinda, I wonder if you still listen to all of the good advice Kelli Watson McGinnis offers you.

A woman who has an affair with a man that her husband let live in the house with them all the while she plays the devout christian certainly sounds like someone to offer advice.

I knew when she came to the meeting that time dressed up like a hooker that something was going on. She sure didn't look like the prim and proper Kelli of times past.

Is Todd sure that boy they finally had is really his? Funny timing, isn't it, that they had 3 girls and then BAM, she has an affair and the baby boy shows up?

Or have they even stayed in contact with you since you helped them buy their house? Funny how some 'friends" never call until they need something isn't it? Or in the case of christian friends, until they want to gossip about someone.

Real friends.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm......

I wonder why it is that people feel so compelled to stick their noses in where they don't belong? Why they feel like they just have to contribute to a situation they know nothing about?

The friends or "church buddies" like to offer their fake support to your face but they all talk about you behind your back. They all want to "pray for you" and "pray with you" when you are around but when they are with others from the group boy do they have alot to say about your troubles.

You know how it is, Melinda, kind of like how you used to go to painting class with Sandra Willis and go out to eat with her and all but when she would call the house you would look at the caller id and say, "Damn, I wish that woman would leave me alone! She hangs onto me like a leach! I get so tired of hearing her whine." 

I got sick of having to listen to the phone ring so you wouldn't have to talk to her.

Remember how you used to tell me about how she dips everything she eats in so much dressing and crap and how if she would lay off of that stuff she could lose some of that weight? She was doing some stupid shit like only eating if her stomach growled to lose weight. Yeah, we laughed our ass off about that, didn't we?

Yeah, but she is your buddy now, right? She is probably the one who set you up with that loser boyfriend you have. I will save that story for another day.

I could go on about your other "friends", too, but I will hang onto that for now.

Now I know some of you are saying, "No! Melinda would never lie or talk about anyone behind their back! She is a good christian woman blah, blah, blah......."

Are all of you people really that fucking stupid?

The lawyers, well, they are all about the money. They like to act like they care about the client when the truth is all they care about is perpetuating the nasty business they do with the for the most part crooked judges that abound in shitty little towns like Macon, GA.

Some of these self righteous people actually have the nerve to call someone a hypocrite? That is laughable, counselor. Are there not enough ambulances for you to chase these days to keep you busy?

You just keep on going to the "big church", hob knobbing with the right people, kissing Tilman Self's ass and calling yourself a christian.

None of this will really matter when you are burning in hell because while you may know what I deserve, I guess no one really knows what you deserve except you and god, right?

It really is all about appearances for you people.

Monday, August 16, 2010

How the Law Works

For the uneducated, this is how the law works in Georgia from Judge Tillman Self's bench.

If you are sued and the suing party decides they want to put all your assets under their control, they get the judge to appoint a receiver to "oversee" your assets and business. Now you would think this receiver would be bound to actually try and run the business properly and be impartial in how all this is done but you would be wrong.

You see, the receiver gets paid for what he does and I mean paid well. Several hundred dollars an hour well. So it is in his best interests to do everything the judge says. This works out well if the judge has a bias in the case. You see where I am going with this.

The receiver doesn't even have to know a thing about how your business works! It is better for him, actually because then YOU get to pay HIM to learn about it! He gets paid, the attorneys get paid, the Judge gets paid, everyone gets paid except YOU. It is a nice deal the judicial system.

This Judge even had the receiver TRY and find something criminal in my business so he could get something else to hang on me, going so far as to have the receiver meet with law enforcement officials to try and put something together.

Wow, all of this from a civil case? With as much crime as Macon has and I am talking robbing, killing, drugs and all, you would think they wouldn't have to "try" and find anything on someone in a civil case. Wait a minute, I forgot who we are dealing with here, if Tillman Self decides you are wrong, that is all that matters.

I can't imagine there being any success with this as the Macon Assistant District Attorney Sherell Lewis had spoken at our real estate club more than once and ruled everything we did in our business "perfectly fine". Yes, I remember her words. You see, Sherall had been instrumental in putting away dozens of bad guys in real estate the year before and i wanted to make sure she was cool with our business model. Of course Melinda does go to church with her and as I understand it has worked out a deal with her to cooperate if anything is put together to avoid prosecution on her part.

Isn't that nice how being church buddies helps smooth things over? Ingleside Baptist IS the largest elitist  church in North Macon. Don't ever believe it isn't all about who you know.

When you add a greedy, barracuda lawyer like Carmel Sanders to the mix, the results are amazing.

By the way, take a look at her record sometime, no one takes their opponent to court more trying to charge them with contempt than she does. If you think it isn't ALL about the billable hours for her you are blind.

This is how a receiver bankrupts a business that worked just fine for over 10 years then says the business was not viable. Right. It was viable until you got your hands on it, paying yourself first and letting parts of it go into foreclosure. This is when you make the business owner the villain when there was never a problem paying the bills before. Isn't it funny how no one was victimized before you got to "run" the business?

How would you like it if you fired someone who worked for you for among other things theft, drinking on the job, falsifying time sheets, doing personal business on company time and more and the receiver rehired this person to help run your business? This is exactly what Scott Eric Anderson also known as "The Weasel" did in my case. Even after I had explained to him exactly why I fired Bradley Higgins, he kept him on to help. That is the kind of management you want to see, isn't it?

Bradley Higgins claimed hours he didn't work, bought things for his personal use and charged them to my accounts that he was given access to for work related purchases and drank on the job. The DWI he got while working for me was the last straw and he had to go. Half of the time he was supposed to be working, he was on the phone with his lover Doug Ellenberger, with whatever their latest drama was about. I am telling you, gay guys are moodier than women to work with.

Don't worry about Scott. I am sure with the kind of job he did for Tillman, he will get every receivership job that comes along. The law firm of James, Bates, Pope and Spivey will prosper. As long as their is never a receiver appointed to run their business, that is.

PS.......I love anonymous comments but if you are going to try and speak about something you really know nothing about, why don't you try having the guts to put your name on it next time?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Life.......As It Was

I apologize for the long break between installments but internet access here is limited.

So after the first child was born, Melinda and I settled into a average, routine life. I worked and she stayed home and cared for the child. This went on for a couple of years during which time I moved through the ranks of restaurant management obtaining a position of a regional manager for a chain covering several locations including Tupelo, West Point and Starkville, MS. My income rose accordingly and I had bought a home in a nice, settled neighborhood and were enjoying some of the nicer things in life. New Years Eve at the Peabody in Memphis, a week in the NC mountains, birthday parties for Z with 100 people complete with train rides for the kids and character appearances, a new car for Melinda, we were doing well.

Melinda enjoyed this life and adapted well. New clothes always pressed and starched, she never left the house without looking like she had stepped from a band box. I was happy to provide her with this life and although I was rarely home to enjoy it with her, I thought we were happy.

In January 1994, on a Sunday afternoon, I was preparing to go to work when Melinda told me she needed to speak to me. I asked what was wrong and finally she told me "I want out."

When I asked her what she meant, she told me she had been having an affair with our insurance agent, had gotten pregnant and was leaving to be with him. I learned later that the two of them had planned to both tell their spouses on Friday night and while he had told his wife and left the house, Melinda had gotten cold feet and waited until she could wait no more. She would later tell me that it was because she really didn't want to leave but I suspect it was more about the money and life she would be leaving than anything else.

Just a little fact I found quite telling later, after they had planned to drop the bomb that Friday evening, Paul came by early that month to collect his payment from me so he could collect it before Melinda left me that month. LOL

Anyway, she left. She packed a suitcase and went to live with her sister in Alabama. The child stayed with me and a couple of weeks later she signed full custody of him over to me.

Apparently things didn't go for she and her insurance agent as they thought they would. His wife raised all kinds of hell and promised him he would leave with nothing and made good on her promise. Before long, Melinda found herself living in a cheap apartment in Tupelo with no car and having to go back to work. Her insurance agent, Paul Flatt, was living with his parents and they were not happy with the whole situation as I understood it. Their son leaving his wife and young son for Melinda was not something these social climbers approved of.

After 4 months of living this way, Melinda wanted to come back home. I couldn't believe it but she did! Being stupid as I was and feeling like Z needed both parents, I agreed to it and she moved back. All seemed well for a couple of weeks until one day while I was at work I was served with papers. Melinda was suing me!

I suppose Melinda looked around these weeks later and didn't like the life she saw for herself so she and her boyfriend decided to hire an attorney and try to sue me for my house, custody of Z and anything else she could get her hands on. She had come home to make a list of everything she could to make sure nothing was missed and while I was at work, she took Z and had the lawyer serve me. The lawyer was a friend of Paul Flatt's, her boyfriend the insurance agent, so they were all in on it. Can you say greed? He would send his pregnant girlfriend back to live, and sleep, with me for weeks just to get his hands on my things? And what kind of woman would agree to this?

Looking back, I should have known this would be her method of operation going forward but I ignored it.

What Melinda and Paul didn't know was that I had been talking to an agent about selling the house and selling was already in the works. I knew that we wouldn't be able to live in Tupelo anymore with all the crap that had gone on. Since this was already done, all I had to do was call the agent and sell and I did. Within a couple of weeks I had closed on the house and had the yard sale to end yard sales, selling everything I owned. Boat, appliances, everything. Why not, she had taken the child I had raised since he was born. The child I had watched take his first breath and without him or her, I had no reason to stay. She could have whatever was left that she could get.

I was a week from leaving town when I got the call from Melinda, she was staying in a safe house there in Tupelo. Apparently the attorney had gotten her in by saying she was in danger from me and hid her there while they were trying to sue me. Anyway, she had found out everything was gone I guess and wanted to come back home. Can you believe it? Can you believe I was once again, dumb enough to let her?

This story is longer than I realized.......

She came back. We moved into her apartment. She quit her job. All seemed well. I paid for her baby to be born and we moved to Memphis where I started another job. A new life.......for a while.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

We Met

To truly understand this story it is nessessary that you know some details relating to how things started between my ex and myself. You have to know the background on this woman who is so selfish and greedy that she will use everyone and everything at her disposal to destroy the only person who has ever cared for her and taken care of her. She didn't just start playing the victim. She has just perfected it.

I met my ex, Melinda, in the spring of 1990. We were both managers of a fast food chain in Tupelo, MS, I, a manager of one store. She, an assistant manager of another. I was 28, she 21.

Melinda had been married for about 6 months to a guy who was another manager within the company but was not happy for various reasons. We talked quite a bit and she let me know she was interested in me and the feeling was mutual. Before long, her husband left her as he was also dissatisfied with the marriage. I was away on a manager's retreat when she went home to find an empty apartment. All he had left her was a twin bed and her clothes. She called me crying wanting to know what she would do.

I returned home a few days later and Melinda moved into my apartment. We lived together for a couple of months and I thought we were happy. I gladly did all the cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and other domestic duties as well as work 60+ hours a week. Hey, I was in love (or lust) and the relationship was new. You know how it is. Then one night, she just didn't come home. I drove around all night worried about where she was and what had happened to her. Remember, there weren't cell phones in those days so if no one answered the land line you were out of luck. When I finally got in touch with her, she said she wanted to end our relationship and didn't know how to do it. This would start a pattern that would repete itself in the coming years but at the time, I just didn't know.

Several weeks went by and I went on with my life. Don't get me wrong, I cared for Melinda and tried to get her back with the standard fare of flowers, cards and anything else I could think of but when it became obvious she was seeing others, I gave it up.

Then in October, Melinda called me to tell me her sister had just had her baby and wanted to know if I wanted to drive down to Alabama and see it. I said yes because I liked her sister and of course wanted to see the baby. When I got there, Melinda seemed upset about something but I didn't know what. Later she said she wanted to talk so we went to the mall and talked. She talked about us getting back together and how she missed me and I shared that I had missed her, too.

Once we got back to Tupelo, Melinda told me she was pregnant and didn't know who the father was. I was shocked that in just a couple of months she had been with enough partners that she didn't even know who fathered her baby but that appeared to be the case. She said she thought the father was a 17 year old she had been out with but couldn't be sure and didn't even know his name. She was at a loss about what to do. She didn't want to have an abortion because she had already lost custody of one child to her 1st husband when she was a teenager and had already had one abortion a couple of years prior with her last husband. She wanted to keep this baby.

I told Melinda I still cared for her and if she wanted, I would claim the child and take care of her and the baby. She seemed happy about that and immediately moved back in with me and quit her job. This was the last job Melinda would have as long as we were together.

As I only had a 1 bedroom apartment, we knew we would need something larger so we found a townhouse that was really more than I could afford but what the heck, it made her happy so we moved in and in July of 1991, Z was born.

More to come.......

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Beginning

This is a long story and it will take some time to tell. I don't expect this blog to help me in my current case, far from that I expect this blog to cost me given the size of the ego I am dealing with.

How dare anyone question the actions of the great and powerful Tillman Self!

I simply want everyone to know who they might have to deal with some day if they are unfortunate enough to find themselves in front of his bench. I have been collecting stories from others who have also been unfortunate enough to suffer due to his bigotry and disregard for the law. If you have a story to tell, you can send it to me at No names are needed, just the story.

Maybe by doing this, enough people will care about having a judge who is truly fair and Tillman Self can be replaced by one who is.